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August 20, 2007

Banja Luka Law Faculty Live Client Legal Clinic Completed


On June 29, 2007, the closing ceremony of the live client legal clinic took place at Banja Luka Law Faculty.

Twenty third-year and fourth-year students offered free legal aid to indigent clients under the supervision of three practicing attorneys. Over a period of nine months, students reviewed almost 65 cases from filed of civil and administrative law. Students interviewed clients, issued legal opinions (both oral and written) and drafted different motions for clients (contracts, claims, objections, applications, etc.). Students were not authorized to deliver legal documents to clients prior to the approval of the clinic’s supervisor. The clinic’s coordinators, professors and assistants from the Banja Luka Law Faculty, were in charge of the administrative part of clinic’s performances.

At the closing ceremony, Professor Milorad Zivanovic, dean of Banja Luka Law Faculty, gave students a certificate marking their successful completion of the clinic.  Rule of Law Initiative Country Director Nebojsa Milanovic provided students with a letter of recommendation to help them find a job after graduation from the school.

Four students graduated during the course of the clinic and found jobs in law firms and courts.

Banja Luka Law Faculty Live Client Clinic is the first clinic in Bosnia and Herzegovina with live clients. The Initiative plans to continue supporting of live client clinics with Banja Luka Law Faculty in academic 2007/2008 year.