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June 11, 2007

Bosnian Law Students Complete Civil Procedure Legal Clinic


On May 22, 2007, the Bihac Law Faculty held a closing ceremony for its civilprocedure law clinic. 18 students in their forth year at Bihac Law facultysuccessfully completed the clinic, which lasted two semesters (October/December2007 and Marc/May 2007). The clinic had both a classroom component (80 hours)and internship component (64 hours).

In the classroom component, four judges from Bihac Municipal Court and sixBihac attorneys taught students a range of legal skills, including claim andcounterclaim drafting, rules regarding preparatory and main hearings, specialprocedures and skills related drafting a court’s decisions. As part of theInternship component, students visited Bihac Municipal Court and 5 Bihac lawfirms in Bihac, where they learned about interviewing clients, drafting motionsand court/law firm management and administration.

At the closing of the clinic, Bihac Law Faculty Dean and Professor MujoDemirovic delivered an address. Bosnia County Director Nebojsa Milanovicdelivered a certificate for students, guest speakers and faculty staff.

The Rule of Law Initiative plans to continue cooperation with Bihac LawFaculty, supporting legal clinics and launching a client legal clinic in the2007/2008 academic year.