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April 05, 2007

Advocacy Skills Training in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Rule of Law Initiative and Judicial Prosecutorial Training Centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) recently held advocacy skills trainings for prosecutors and defense attorneys from throughout BiH. The first training took place in Banja Luka, Republic Srpska, from March 19-23. Twenty three prosecutors (state and cantonal level) participated in the five-day intensive training. Many participants pointed appreciatively to the unique use of interactive teaching methods employed during the training. Rule of Law Initiative Senior Criminal Law Advisor Mary Greer and William Hunt, both acting as Trial Advocacy Skill Trainers, taught Bosnian prosecutors a wide range of advocacy skills, including presenting opening and closing arguments, and direct and cross examination.

The following week, March 26-30, a training was held in Sarajevo for prosecutors in Federation BiH. For five days, 20 prosecutors from the State and Cantonal Prosecutor's Office worked on their opening and closing arguments and learned effective methods of direct and cross examination. Both training sessions ended with mock trials, where each participant had a chance to apply their training. With the success of both training sessions, the Bosnia office staff has been asked to organize additional advocacy training programs in co-operation with Judicial Prosecutorial Training Centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more information, please contact Bosnia and Herzegovina Senior Staff Attorney Dubravka Piotrovski, at <[email protected]>.