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May 12, 2014

Armenian Chamber of Advocates Accredits ABA ROLI as a Continuing Legal Education Provider

May 2014

On March 21, Armenia’s Chamber of Advocates—the country’s bar association—formally accredited the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) to provide continuing legal education (CLE).

Hasmik Hakobyan, ABA ROLI’s deputy country director in Armenia, said that the chamber’s decision shows that “ABA ROLI is such a trusted training source for Armenia’s defense attorneys.”

The chamber also accredited other organizations—including the U.S. Agency for International Development, the International Union of Advocates and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe—following a thorough review process, which included assessment of training materials and trainers’ qualifications. Until March, ABA ROLI was the only organization offering CLE courses in Armenia. While each of ABA ROLI’s previous CLE trainings had the chamber’s endorsement individually, the formal accreditation means that all courses that ABA ROLI has developed and will develop in the future are automatically approved by the chamber.

CLE trainings teach lawyers about new laws, helping them adapt to the continually changing legal landscape and discharge their responsibilities more effectively. Since 2008, ABA ROLI has provided CLE trainings to more than 2,500 defense attorneys on trial advocacy skills, on criminal procedure changes and on the European Court of Human Rights’ case law.

ABA ROLI’s criminal law reform work in Armenia is supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.

To learn more about our work in Armenia, contact the ABA Rule of Law Initiative at [email protected].