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Expanding Access to Legal Support for Victims of Trafficking in Persons (TIP)

ABA ROLI also implemented a program on Trafficking in Persons (TIP), aimed at promoting a coordinated, victim-centric, and accessible legal services across Vietnam for TIP victims and strengthening coordination and referrals between legal and other services for victims of TIP. Given the lack of trafficking-specific training in Vietnam, ABA ROLI conducted three trainings of trainers (ToT) sessions for 127 participants such as lawyers, representatives of provincial legal consulting centers, legal aid providers, legal Points of Contact (POCs), etc., across Vietnam’s 63 provinces, with priority given to those from provinces with a greater prevalence of trafficking. ToT participants were equipped to deliver training to other lawyers in their provinces who are likely to provide advice to trafficking victims. ABA ROLI, under this program, has also provided mentorship to a total of seven lawyers (three males and four females) on TIP legal services, coordination and referral, from five provinces. Furthermore, ABA ROLI supported the development and distribution of a total of 329 training tools/manuals for lawyers and trainers on TIP legal framework and victim-centric legal services. In addition, ABA ROLI supported eight TIP victims to receive legal services including pre- and post-trial legal assistance.