December 01, 2011

Third Annual Asia-Pacific Symposium Discusses Regional and Inter-Regional Corruption, Illicit Trade

December 2011

Since 2009, several Asia-Pacific economies, along with the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) members, have convened at the annual Trans-Pacific symposium on dismantling illicit transnational networks to discuss best practices to combat illicit trade and criminal activity in the Asia-Pacific region.

As in the past two symposiums and continuing its support for anti-corruption efforts in the Asia-Pacific region, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative—represented by its regional anti-corruption adviser—took part in the 2011 symposium. Representatives from 30 economies attended the symposium, which focused on the importance of information-sharing in addressing regional challenges and the value of inter-regional partnerships in combating corruption and illicit trade. Participants shared views on several issues, including targeting cross-border narcotics trafficking, counterfeit medicines and environmental crimes.

The priorities identified and recommendations made at the symposium will inform ABA ROLI’s anti-corruption work in the region.

You can read proceedings from the 2011 symposium here.

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