April 27, 2017

Retired Judge and Former ABA ROLI Volunteer Reflects on Pro Bono Experiences

Former American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) volunteer and retired family court Judge Jerry Bowles — for the 30th Judicial Circuit in Jefferson County, Kentucky — discusses his experiences while volunteering with ABA ROLI, the importance of pro bono assistance and his career.

He began the interview by providing a brief overview of his work, which we have paraphrased below:

Judge Jerry Bowles is a retired family court judge from Louisville, Kentucky who started his career as a public defender representing indigent individuals charged with crimes. He then became a prosecutor for about 14 years and spent the last five years as Chief Prosecutor and Director of the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Unit that he initiated within the Defense Attorney’s office. He was appointed to the Circuit Court bench in 1996 and served in family court until 2015, when he retired. Judge Bowles is still active in judicial education and owns a mediation practice that specializes in family law.

This is a pre-recorded interview, conducted via live webcast. Please excuse all audio and video errors.