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May 01, 2012

Continuing Education Classes Begin For Cambodian Judges And Prosecutors

In April, the ABA Legal Education Advisor (LEA) organized the firstcontinuing legal education class modules on land law and ethics for judges andprosecutors at the Cambodian Royal Academyfor Judicial Professionals (RAJP). The LEA worked with EWMI consultant PatBaars and local experts on developing the land law module. The LEA retained asa consultant Professor Peter Hammer (WayneState LawSchool, Detroit Michigan, USA) to work with local judges and prosecutorson developing the ethics module. Finally, the LEA worked with UNICEFrepresentatives on the logistics of payments to the judges/prosecutors and theRAJP.

The land law and ethics modules were delivered to the first RAJP class of 30judges and prosecutors on March 19-21 at the RAJP training center. Theattendees asked a lot of questions and stated that they learned a great deal.These were the first continuing education classes offered to Cambodian judgesand prosecutors. It also represented the first ethics training for judges andprosecutors. The ethics training was particularly timely because thejudge/prosecutor Code of Conduct was recently passed into law. It isanticipated that the ABA LEA will run these training modules to every Cambodianjudge and prosecutor over the course of the year.

For more information, please contact Steve Austermiller at: [email protected]