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Sudan - Past Programs

Engaging with the African Commission

Regional human rights mechanisms provide avenues to raise complaints about a wide range of human rights violations. However, due to serious security concerns and communication restraints, many Sudanese human rights defenders are unable to access the information and training necessary to effectively engage with the African Commission.

ABA ROLI trains Sudanese lawyers who demonstrate a passion for human rights and a commitment to providing legal representation for victims and survivors within Sudan. We also support these lawyers as they conduct advocacy activities before the African Commission and organize grassroots trainings for other human rights defenders within Sudan.

Providing technical support

The submission of a formal communication to the African Commission is a lengthy, strenuous and highly technical process. ABA ROLI assists independent bar associations in Sudan in developing strategies for engagement with the African Commission. We also provide them with ongoing technical assistance in the planning, preparation and submission of formal communications to this regional human rights mechanism. Additionally, ABA ROLI works with these partners to develop advocacy strategies for raising the visibility of the human rights situation in Sudan and to support the effective participation of Sudanese lawyers at the semi-annual sessions of the African Commission and at the preceding Forum on the Participation of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. The forum provides a unique opportunity for developing networks and alliances with more than 200 organizations working on rule of law and human rights issues throughout Africa.