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Sudan Background

Following the 2019 coup that overthrew former President Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir, Sudan has been governed by a Transitional Government that seeks to write a new Constitution— one that is inclusive and representative of the diverse needs, interests and values of Sudan’s multi-cultural society.

Launched in 2020, ABA ROLI’s program to Support a New Sudanese Constitution will support Sudanese stakeholders to lead a transparent constitution-making process that emphasizes participation by civilians, particularly women and other marginalized populations. The project will place particular emphasis on religious freedom and tolerance as well as women’s participation in the constitution-making process. ABA ROLI is supporting three Sudanese organizations, Darfur Women Action Group, Justice Africa Sudan, and the Regional Centre for Training and Development of Civil Society, which have participated in prior constitution processes in the country and specialize in community engagement and empowerment, peace-building, policy making and legal assistance. 

Through a panel of Sudanese and international constitutional experts ABA ROLI will also provide technical advice on the setting up of the Constitution Commission, advising members, inputting and informing on drafts and how they align with international standards and modern constitutions of countries with similarly diverse populations and multiple legal systems.