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Rwanda Background

The Rwanda office of the ABA Rule of Law Initiative opened in July of 2004. Our timing coincided with the Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) completion of a comprehensive re-drafting of law and legislation, including the constitution. As part of its commitment to rule of law reform, the MOJ sought willing partners to facilitate implementation of crucial constitutional changes. In response to the MOJ’s request for assistance, The Africa Division developed a program to support institutional capacity building, coordinated integrated training, and support for legal institutions in Rwanda.

The ABA provided support to: the Ministry of Justice; Supreme Court of Rwanda; the National Police and local NGOs committed to legal aid programs. In this regard the Rule of Law Initiative worked to enhance the capacity of the legal system in Rwanda to provide efficient and effective judicial recourse to those living with, and impacted by, HIV/AIDS, especially women and children who constitute fifty-one percent (51%) of the population.