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Our work in the African Union

The project aimed to strengthen the capacity of African Union Commission (AUC) staff to drive the AU’s policy priorities and develop implementing mechanisms that turn those policies into reality. One goal of the project was to enhance the AUC staff’s capacity to advise on issues of governance, transnational crime, and peace and security; and to propose effective approaches to advancing these AU priorities. Additionally, staff were equipped with resources as to how they can successfully oversee and implement mechanisms addressing these issues. ABA ROLI achieved this goal through four objectives implemented in close partnership with the AU and the United States Mission to the AU (USAU) and with the support of substantive experts from within ABA ROLI and its global network of legal professionals.

Utilizing the ABA’s global network of members and contacts, this program sought to bring together qualified experts to develop curriculum, conduct training sessions, and offer tailored on-demand mentorship. Further, additional training sessions were provided over the course of the program in response to emerging issues facing the AU.  

The African Union is an international organization that strives to bring together countries in the African continent to promote peace, prosperity, and economic and political cooperation, among other goals. Headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the African Union contains 55 member states. ABA ROLI’s work in Ethiopia centers around providing capacity-building training sessions to African Union Commission staff on rule of law issue areas.