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October 10, 2007

ABA ROLI Trains the Trainers on Anti-Trafficking

October 10, 2007

ABA ROLI, in partnership with the Anti-Human Trafficking & Child Labour Unit (AHT&CL) of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) facilitated a highly participatory “Train the Trainers” workshop on September 26 and 27, 2007, for trainers within NIS training institutions. The two-day workshop, held in Minna, in the state of Niger, had a total of 26 immigration (service) officers trained.

The aim of the Train the Trainers Workshop was:

  • To formally launch the Anti-Trafficking-in-Person (TIP) Training Manual jointly developed by AHT&CL and ABA ROLI’s Africa Division.
  • To adopt the Anti-TIP manual as part of the training curriculum for all the NIS training institutions.
  • To further train the immigration officers on trafficking in persons
  • To ingrain effective teaching methodology and methods of curriculum development

The participants were immigration officers drawn from the five training institutions and the training department headquarters of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS). These trainers will implement the anti-TIP training for the various cadres of immigration officers who attend the NIS training schools.

The conference was opened by the Deputy Comptroller-General of the NIS, Dr. B.A Brown. The immigration officers themselves were appointed to present to their peers portions of the anti-TIP manual. Workshop activities included simulation sessions, case study development and analysis and group exercises, which were based on the developed modules of the manual. Participants were also guided on curriculum planning, setting realistic and measurable goals, and time programming useful in helping them in training whatever cadre of students within their training schools.

Commendations trailed the close of the ceremony with participants calling for sustained efforts by partner organization USAID and further future collaborations with ABA ROLI. The proceedings were reported both locally and nationally by the Nigerian National Television.

USAID has recently given $730,000 of additional funding to the Nigeria anti-trafficking program. In preparation, staff have already earmarked funds for the following new and existing projects:

  • Through secure VSAT connections, a TIP database system will create a more centralized and accurate Trafficking in Persons information storage and dissemination network in Nigeria, which will expand the capacity of law enforcement to combat TIP in Nigeria.
  • With the successful training and rehabilitation of 30 rescued girls at the NAPTIP shelter in Benin City, ABA ROLI intends to extend the same aid to trafficked victims from the Delta state. The recipients will receive training in Computer Literacy and Studies, Nutrition and Catering Services, Fashion Wear Design and Jewelry Production.
  • A business mentoring program for victims who have been successfully rehabilitated and trained at the NAPTIP shelters is to commence with the 30 already-trained girls and will go to support them with micro credit facilities in starting-up and running their own businesses.
  • Logistical support to victims in the Lagos NAPTIP shelter will continue. This support goes to offset costs for food, clothing, toiletries, medicine, and generator fuel.
  • The funds will also go to facilitating additional anti-TIP training for members of the bench and bar. This training will be conducted in cooperation with NAPTIP and the National Judicial Institut