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Strengthening Corrections Institutions in Liberia

Since 2021, ABA ROLI has been implementing the Strengthening Corrections Institutions in Liberia program to address a long-term lack of training and resources for corrections staff and inefficient operational procedures within the corrections bureau. The program is working to improve adherence to standardized procedures, best practices, and human rights standards in Liberian corrections facilities by training corrections officers; introducing new policies; and improving existing practices. The program also focuses on developing records management procedures to track pre-trial detainees and inmates and standardize operating procedures that are applied system-wide.

Throughout the year, ABA ROLI has supported Liberia's justice sector through corrections institutions in many ways. Notable achievements include working with the Minister of Justice and the Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation to implement a compassionate leave policy which allows prisoners to receive leave or release from prison custody under certain conditions. As part of the implementation of the policy, the President of the Republic of Liberia, granted pardon to over 125 convicted prisoners in 2023. ABA ROLI also successfully supported the creation of the Prisoner Database and accompanying training sessions. The database has already been extremely useful, especially following an incident at the National Palace of Corrections in which a notable number of prison files were lost but were later recovered thanks to the database. On top of these activities, ABA ROLI conducted and supported numerous training sessions for 150 new corrections officers, as well as a training session for middle-level corrections managers. ABA ROLI also worked with the Bureau of Corrections to implement a Serious Incident Reporting policy, which has been used over 30 times in 2023.