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May 06, 2007

Renovation of University of Liberia Arthur Grimes Law School


In order to safely and effectively implement a legal aid program with the Law School, under extraordinary circumstances, the Rule of Law Initiative, with support of USAID recently completed the renovation of the top floor and roof of the University of Liberia Arthur Grimes Law School.

Liberia struggles with the obvious devastating impacts of war, including an ailing infrastructure that has proved to be a serious impediment to development and has delayed the pace of progress.  The University of Liberia and in particular the Louis Arthur Grimes Law School was severely neglected and left in ruins. The building stood without windows, a damaged roof, ceiling and floor and yet remained occupied by students committed to learning. 

With the recent renovation completed, the legal aid center and scholarship program is scheduled to commence shortly.  The objective of the legal aid center at the Louis Arthur Grimes Law School at the University of Liberia is to increase access to justice while training law students to develop a commitment to public service in Liberia.  The clinic will serve to provide free legal aid services for the accused as well as legal assistance for indigent Liberians on civil law issues.