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Eswatini - Past Programs

Women’s Employment for Economic Recovery (WEER)

The goal of the Women’s Employment for Economic Recovery (WEER) program, which ended in late September 2023, was to improve women’s economic participation in Eswatini by addressing legal and regulatory shortfalls. It also aided in creating greater economic opportunity through access to financial services (and credit) and improving fair hiring practices.

Responding to Gender-based Violence and Women’s Economic Empowerment

Please see the WAGE website for more information on the Integrating the Response to GBV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Economic Marginalization of Swati Women initiative.

Under this initiative, ABA ROLI:

  • Supports the government and CSO to change the Legal Practitioners Act which effectively bans legal aid in Eswatini. By amending the Act, ABA ROLI will contribute to the availability of qualified legal assistance to women and children’s victims of violence, and other indigent citizens unable to afford private legal representation.  
  • Partnered with CSOs and community members to envelop a “GBV Charter” of commitments for citizens and leaders in politics and industry to sign on to raise awareness about the high instance and high cost of GBV in Eswatini.  
  • Targets the youth (high school and college-age participants) through relevant and engaging online and social media discussions and events around important issues relating to relationships, GBV, respect and gender norms.  
  • Trains young fathers and communities on the notion of “positive fatherhood” and the importance of equality in the household through fatherhood workshops and a national letter writing campaign and photography competition on fatherhood.