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Burkina Faso Background

Since 2016, Burkina Faso has experienced a humanitarian crisis caused by violent extremism and exacerbated by violent retaliations perpetrated by government security forces. Through the Human Rights and Access to Justice project, which launched in November 2020, our work with the Burkina Faso National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and Burkinabè Civil Society aims to prevent human rights violations. The program also seeks to hold perpetrators of violence accountable and to increase access to redress mechanisms for past violations. ABA ROLI, in collaboration with consortium members of the Human Rights Support Mechanism, will provide the CNDH with technical guidance and resources to better investigate and prosecute offenses. ABA ROLI and consortium partners will also build the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to document and report human rights violations. Additionally, we will support improved coordination among human rights actors in the country to increase their impact.