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Promoting Rule of Law in Angola

In Angola, only about a third of the public trusts the court system. Many Angolans feel there are few lawyers to represent them, little if any access to the rules that govern the process, and backlogs that keep them from obtaining relief in the civil and criminal legal systems. With more resources available to Angolan court functions, there is a valuable opportunity to improve the Angolan judiciary’s procedures and independence.

Supporting a coalition of Angolan legal professional organizations, civil society members, academics, and relevant government stakeholders, ABA ROLI’s Promoting Rule of Law in Angola project aims to foster a robust dialogue around judicial processes, decision-making, and constitutionalism in Angola, as well as to support judges directly with capacity-building activities, improving judicial independence and effectiveness. Together, the program partners will (1) strengthen Angola’s legal framework for judicial independence, (2) improve citizen ability to demonstrate improved awareness of their legal rights and responsibilities, and (3) increase the ability of Angola’s judges and the courts to manage and adjudicate cases fairly and effectively.