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Promoting Press Freedom in Angola

In Angola, the press is restricted by actions that limit the scope and quality of reporting. In an Afrobarometer survey conducted in early 2022, only 31% of Angolans said the media was “completely free” to report on the news or make comments without censorship or interference by the government. Reporters Without Borders ranked Angola 125 out of 180 countries worldwide in its assessment of press freedom. As is true of many formal professions, Angolan journalists are concentrated in urban areas and reaching rural populations can be a challenge due to fragile road and telecommunications infrastructure.

ABA ROLI’s Promoting Press Freedom in Angola project provides technical and financial support to Angolan reporters and human rights defenders to build investigative capacity, promote journalistic independence, improve the level of civic understanding (especially around the operation of legislation governing the media), and improve the media’s reach to rural geographies and marginalized populations.