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Promoting Press Freedom in Angola

Angola ranks 125 out of 180 countries worldwide in Reporters Without Borders’ assessment of press freedom. In a 2022 Afrobarometer survey, only 31% of Angolans said the media was “completely free” to report and comment on the news. Throughout the country, privately owned or independent television and radio stations are rare. Rural populations are disconnected from independent information shared in urban centers due to an underdeveloped telecommunications infrastructure.

ABA ROLI’s Promoting Press Freedom in Angola program builds investigative capacity, promotes journalistic independence, improves civic understanding around laws governing the media, and improves the media’s reach to isolated geographies and marginalized populations through technical and financial support to Angolan reporters and human rights defenders. These objectives seek to increase journalists’ investigative capacity in providing accurate information and exposure to the broader Angolan society to promote accountability for corruption and human rights violations.