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Featured Project

East Africa Regional Program

In 2019, ABA ROLI launched the “Promoting and Protecting Freedom of Expression in East Africa” program with a focus on supporting local civil society partners in both Uganda and Tanzania. The implementing consortium will employ an array of strategies including strategic litigation, the provision of direct legal services to human rights defenders or others whose basic rights have been violated, and advocacy and research for greater protection of these fundamental rights.

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Featured Report

Pre-Election Human Rights Situation in Zambia

This report has researched increased tensions between the government and citizens, particularly those protesting the situation, and documented the government’s response which has been to crack down on the fundamental freedoms traditionally used by citizens in a democracy, to engage in matters of public interest.

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Regional council

Our council members share a wide range of experiences and competencies and support our commitment to promote justice, economic opportunity and human dignity through the rule of law.

Hon. Denise K. Langford Morris, Council Chair
D. Porpoise Evans
Norman L. Greene
Ernestine S. Gray
Jane Ellen Paschall
Salli Swartz
Juan R. Thomas

Special Advisors
Olagbegi-Oloba Victoria Banke
Joyce Williams