ABA Representatives and Observers to the United Nations

Virtual NGO CSW65 Forum

View panels from the Virtual NGO CSW65 Forum. This annual event is one of the largest gatherings of UN entities, global leaders, the private sector, and women’s rights advocates to focus on the rights and empowerment of women and girls

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Conversation: “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”

Panelists discussed the extent to which the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action, adopted unanimously by 189 countries and declaring that “women’s rights are human rights,” has lived up to its agenda for women’s empowerment around the world.

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Our Mission

The mission of the ABA Representatives and Observers to the United Nations Committee is to promote and support the ABA, an accredited NGO with the United Nations, by advancing ABA policy; foster communication and coordination between the United Nations and ABA entities and members...

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Contact us

For questions about this committee, please contact Sherry Garay at sherry.garay@americanbar.org.