The Role of Rule of Law in Economic Development

2012 Rule of Law Conference

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The Role of Rule of Law in Economic Development

The rule of law is a potent force in advancing economic development; conversely, weak legal systems place enormous barriers not only on foreign investment but also on domestic actors capable of generating significant economic growth. This panel will discuss examples of countries that have been especially effective in transforming their business environments from being relatively inhospitable into magnets for domestic and foreign investment. Which donor interventions have been especially noteworthy? What are some lessons learned?

audio Moderator: Rob Boone, Director, ABA ROLI

audio Wade Channell, Senior Legal Reform Adviser at USAID Office of Economic Growth

audio Richard Messick, Senior Public Sector Specialist, Public Sector and Governance Group at The World Bank

audio Jeff Krilla, Principal at SNR Denton

audio Question and answer session