Recent Innovations and Best Practices in Combating Corruption

2012 Rule of Law Conference

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Recent Innovations and Best Practices in Combating Corruption

Corrupt practices are typically deeply rooted, with the requisite political will to eradicate them in exceedingly short supply. Local reformers and donors have devoted both decades and billions of dollars to eradicate these practices. What is working? What are the trends in combating corruption? Do multilateral and treaty-based efforts hold promise (e.g., UNCAC)? How can civil society and the private sector play a more robust role in combating corruption?

audioModerator: Homer Moyer, Miller & Chevalier

audioPanelist: John Brandolino, Senior Advisor, Office of Anti-crime Programs, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, U.S. Department of State

audioPanelist: Andrew Wilson, Regional Director for Eurasia and South Asia, Center for International Private Enterprise

audioPanelist: Jonathan Gant, Policy Advisor, Global Witness

audioPanelist: Eric Stonecipher, ABA ROLI Asia Regional Anti-Corruption Adviser (Thailand)

audio Question and answer session