2010 Rule of Law Conference

The Rule of Law: Perspectives from the Field, 2010

During the ABA Rule of Law Initiative's (ABA ROLI's) second annual event, The Rule of Law: Perspectives from the Field, ABA ROLI field staff presented on a variety of topics, including legal education reform, women’s rights, public interest law and civil society engagement. Recordings of these presentations are available below.

Opening Remarks—Rob Boone, Director audio

Remarks: Transitions to the Rule of Law—Professor Francis Fukuyama audio
Director, International Development ProgramThe Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Promoting Women’s Access to Justice: The Democratic Republic of Congo and Tajikistan

ABA ROLI facilitates initiatives that foster women’s empowerment and enhance their legal status, including public awareness campaigns, legal clinics, and social advocate and traveling lawyer programs that provide pro bono assistance. This panel will survey an array of innovative programs aimed at promoting women’s access to justice in Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tajikistan, where a traveling theater production emphasizes women’s rights.

Continuing Education for Legal Professionals: Egypt, Liberia and the Philippines

Judges and lawyers alike benefit from continuing legal education and other training opportunities, which help improve practical skills and keep professionals abreast of the latest legal developments. In Liberia and the Philippines, ABA ROLI supports judicial training, while our program in Egypt focuses on continuing legal education for lawyers.

Fostering Public Interest Law in Asia: Cambodia, China and Mongolia

From protecting rights and establishing legal principles to raising public awareness, lawyers around the world are using the law and their skills as advocates in innovative and effective ways to promote the public interest. This panel will explore how public interest law is growing in Asia and how it is influencing policy and practices as well as shaping the legal profession in Cambodia, China and Mongolia.

Promoting the Rule of Law in Russia

Russia is a complex and dynamic country in which to operate rule of law programming. This panel will share successes and challenges with regard to access to justice, judicial development and anti-corruption programs in Russia.

Civil Society’s Role in Advancing the Rule of Law: Burundi, China and Lebanon

While civil society organizations (CSOs) can be instrumental in promoting the rule of law and, in some arenas, may even have comparatively greater impact than state institutions, CSOs harbor certain inherent limitations and can vary significantly in their degree of effectiveness. This panel will explore how to optimize their utility, drawing from ABA ROLI experiences in Azerbaijan, Burundi and Lebanon.

Reforming Police and Defense Counsel Practices: Armenia, China, Panama and the Philippines

An effectively functioning criminal justice system is critical to the advancement of the rule of law. Targeted technical assistance, as highlighted by this panel, which strengthens the expertise of both investigators and prosecutors on one side, and that of the defense counsel on the other, ensures fairness and a balance of power between the state and the accused, and the preservation of individual liberties.

Innovations in Legal Education and Civic Education Reform: Cambodia, Jordan and Liberia

Legal education and civic education programs are among the least costly and most effective rule of law programs. They help shape the way the next generation of lawyers, prosecutors, judges, civic leaders and the general public think about the rule of law and the importance they ascribe to its adherence. ABA ROLI field personnel will discuss creative approaches to reforming law schools and promoting a culture of lawfulness among youth and the general public.