Reformer’s Award

The ABA Rule of Law Initiative Reformer’s Award originated in 2002 and recognizes outstanding contributions in promoting the rule of law around the world. Reformer’s Award recipients are individuals or organizations that have shown uncommon vision, courage and perseverance in advancing the rule of law in their country. The criteria for consideration include:

  • The Nominee must have demonstrated a commitment to the rule of law over a period of several years.
  • The Nominee’s contributions have resulted in concrete advances in the rule of law.
  • The Nominee must have demonstrated perseverance or courage in pressing for reforms.
  • The Nominee’s achievements must be valued by fellow reformers in his or her country.
  • The Nominee must have demonstrated strong character.
  • The Nominee must have shown vision in carrying out reforms in his or her country.
  • The Nominee must have represented the interests of all citizens regardless of sex, ethnicity, race, national origin or religion.

Past recipients of the Reformer’s Award include:

Russian Duma Deputy Elena Mizulina (2002); Serbian Supreme Court Judge Leposava Karamarkovic (2002); Albanian Supreme Court Justice Thimjo Kondi (2003); President of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates Ms. Lirie Osmani (2004); the League for the Defense of Human Rights of Moldova (LADOM) (2004); former Chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia Justice Lado Chanturia (2004); and Ukrainian Supreme Court Judge, Viktor Vasyliovych Kryvenko.