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Inside Our Work

For nearly 25 years, and through our work in more than 100 countries, ABA ROLI has remained committed to delivering justice, fostering economic opportunity and ensuring respect for human dignity. Regardless of the specific program or locale, we have sought to strengthen legal institutions, to support legal professionals, to foster human rights and to advance public understanding of the law and of citizen rights. Each of these contributes toward a more hospitable environment for rule of law in our host countries and, ultimately, worldwide.

Please consider supporting our work to aid governments, institutions, legal professionals and citizens as they contribute toward a robust rule of law in their communities. In Ukraine, for example, we are building the capacity of the Ministry of Justice’s legal aid centers to offer pathways to justice for citizens. We facilitate public outreach around combating impunity for sexual and gender-based violence, promoting understanding of the justice system and eliminating forced marriage in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the Philippines, we work with judicial stakeholders to establish case processing and court monitoring systems that decrease docket congestion and guide improvement efforts; while our programs in Mexico help prepare judges, lawyers, police and law students to serve under the country’s new adversarial system.

We also contribute toward the community of practice around rule of law reform by designing and implementing a range of acclaimed assessment methodologies based on internationally recognized standards. Our technical publications, such as the Guide to Court Reform and the Role of Court Personnel and the Guide on Community Participation in Transitional Justice, provide rule of law implementers and reformers with practical overviews, reform methodologies and best practices. These are but a few examples of the consequential work that your donation can help to support.

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ABA ROLI accepts donations through the American Bar Association’s Fund for Justice and Education. The Fund for Justice and Education (FJE) is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit that serves as the funding mechanism for all ABA public service programs, including ABA ROLI. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be directed to the ABA Rule of Law Initiative.