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Clinic students give back to their community, leading volunteer human rights trainings for middle school kids. (Akhuryan, November, 2014)

Clinic students give back to their community, leading volunteer human rights trainings for middle school kids. (Akhuryan, November, 2014)

Quality legal education is the foundation upon which an accountable and professional justice system can be built. Unfortunately, law students in Armenia are not getting the education and training they need, particularly in practical skills and critical thinking. As the U.S. government continues to decrease its development funding in many countries including Armenia due to budgetary constraints, creative solutions are needed to address these shortcomings.

ABA ROLI is one of the leading NGOs supporting legal reform in Armenia, and the only NGO working in legal education reform. Since 1996, ABA ROLI has helped establish Armenia’s bar association, the Chamber of Advocates, helped establish Armenia’s Public Defender’s Office to provide pro bono legal aid, and improved legal education and practical skills opportunities for Armenia’s future lawyers.

If there are advocates who try to change something in the legal system of Armenia, it is due to ABA ROLI.

Tigran Hayrapetyan

Armenian advocate and ABA ROLI trainee

Through ABA ROLI’s legal education work, we trained law students to teach over 10,000 school kids about human rights, supported 29 Armenian teams in international moot court competitions, supported seven legal clinics whose students provided over 5,000 free legal consultations, developed four legal courses that are still taught to hundreds of law students each year in four universities; and responsibly managed between $300,000 and over $1M in grant funds annually. As an organization, ABA ROLI has managed legal education reform programs in 29 countries around the world over the past 25 years.

ABA ROLI now seeks your partnership in expanding their legal education reform efforts in Armenia, the ultimate goal of which is to grow and sustain an educated and progressive legal profession that demands and creates an improved rule of law in Armenia, curbing corruption and advancing economic and social progress.

With your support for the five-year Armenia Legal Education Fund (ALEF), ABA ROLI will:

  • Develop and standardize new practical skills courses in Armenian law schools;
  • Train professors in interactive teaching methodologies;
  • Create more practical skills opportunities for law students, including specialized legal clinics to provide pro bono access to justice to the indigent; and
  • Support legal research in Armenia.

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ABA ROLI receives grants totaling $38.5M per year and has a proven record of administering government- and private-donor funds successfully. The Grants and Accounting office reviews program expenditures for compliance with funding agency requirements. ABA ROLI’s fiscal management system and compliance with financial grant regulations are audited yearly. In Armenia, ABA ROLI has responsibly managed operations of between $300,000 and $1.5M in annual donor funds since 1996.