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September 07, 2023

ABA ROLI Delegation Meets in Hanoi with Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice

In a significant step toward fostering collaboration, an ABA ROLI delegation, led by  Michael Sullivan, Senior Program Manager with ABA ROLI’s Asia and the Pacific Division, visited the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of Vietnam in Hanoi on August 25, 2023. The meeting, hosted by Mr. Nguyen Huu Huyen, Director General of the International Cooperation Department (ICD) at MOJ, marked a promising dialogue with the potential to pave the way for mutually beneficial initiatives. Diverse representatives from various MOJ departments, including the Department of Criminal and Administrative Laws and the Department for Legal Dissemination and Education, gathered to engage in an insightful discussion.

ABA ROLI Delegation visiting Hanoi, Vietnam.

ABA ROLI Delegation visiting Hanoi, Vietnam.

Le Minh (far left), ABA ROLI Vietnam Program Director; Michael Sullivan, ABA ROLI Senior Program Manager; Mr. Nguyen Huu Huyen, Director General of the International Cooperation Department (ICD).

Mr. Huyen extended a warm welcome to the ABA ROLI delegation, expressing gratitude for the reception extended during the MOJ's visit to Washington, D.C. He underscored the significance of this meeting, considering how there has been no prior cooperation between Vietnam's MOJ and the American Bar Association. Considering ongoing judicial reform driven by Party Resolution No.27, Mr. Huyen proposed avenues of cooperation such as knowledge-sharing sessions and reciprocal delegation exchanges.

Mr. Sullivan responded positively and shared Mr. Huyen's perspective on the mutual advantages of cooperation. Acknowledging the opportunity for knowledge exchange, he inquired about specific areas of collaboration. He sought insight on potential avenues for collaboration that ABA ROLI could propose to relevant U.S. agencies, as well as other potential sources for funding.

In response, Mr. Huyen proposed a proactive approach. He shared that relevant MOJ departments would formulate and submit cooperation proposals to the ICD. The ICD and ABA ROLI would subsequently discuss and prioritize these proposals for further action. Mr. Huyen also suggested the initiation of online meetings to explore potential cooperation areas. As the meeting concluded, Mr. Huyen expressed optimism about an exchange of delegations next year. 

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