Shamsuddin Nikokar

Grant Accountant

Shamsuddin Nikokar, Grant Accountant, has been working on international grants/projects in Libya - Tripoli & Tunisia, Pakistan and Colombia with the Financial Services/Grants Team of ROLI/ABA, DC office since April 2018. He brings more than 13 years worked experience in fields of advisory/consultancy of Internal Audit & Control, Compliance-Monitoring, Finance & Accounting, and technical Acquisition & Assistance of U.S awards (Grants/Contracts), with USAID/Afghanistan/U.S Embassy, and others' Non/Profit International Organizations (NIGOs) in Afghanistan and Virginia, USA. Furthermore, he understands organizational procedures & policies, audits of projects, and USAIDs' rules & regulations (FAR, AIDAR, ADS, and OBM Circulars). He has received trainings on audit & internal control, compliance, U.S. awards' financial management and costs & price analysis of proposals. He has conducted capacity building trainings of field staffs in term of startup & close out of projects and has also provided technical assistance to program and projects management teams during all phases of the projects' implementation. Shamsuddin, who also goes by Shams meaning "Sun", was born in Afghanistan. Shams has a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and knowledge of computer applications. He is married, has two baby boys, and is living in Alexandria, Virginia.