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Global Programs Division

Lemarque Campbell

Sr. Technical Advisor, Anti-Corruption

Lemarque Campbell, Sr. Technical Advisor, Anti-Corruption

Lemarque Campbell, Sr. Technical Advisor, Anti-Corruption

Lemarque Campbell is an international lawyer and anti-corruption specialist. He has extensive experience advising governments, international organizations, private entities and civil society organizations on laws and policies that address: international anti-bribery, corruption and fraud; transparency and accountability; governance, risk, integrity and ethics; and private and public sector compliance.

Previously, Lemarque served as the Program Director for Anti-Corruption with the International Lawyers Project (ILP), where he led the organization’s global anti-bribery, corruption and media freedom efforts. He also led the accreditation process for Transparency International (TI) operations in The Bahamas. Additionally, he lived in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia for two years, where he worked as a legal analyst for TI Georgia, providing advice on various anti-corruption legislation. He also served as an anti-corruption consultant to numerous organizations, namely: the U.S. Department of State, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and TI-Secretariat.

Some of Lemarque’s notable anti-corruption publications include: Civil Society Report on the Implementation of Chapter II (Prevention) & Chapter V (Asset Recovery) of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Cambodia; The Bahamas’s first Corruption Barometer Report, which is based on the TI Global Corruption Barometer series; a report on “People’s Experiences of Corruption: Implications for Business in South-East Asia”; and a chapter in a Commonwealth Secretariat publication on anti-corruption successes in the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Lemarque is admitted as a barrister to the Bar of England & Wales and as Counsel and Attorney to The Bahamas Bar. He holds an MA in Law from the University of Bristol, UK, and an MA in Anti-Corruption Studies from the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), Austria.