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Peter Ritchie

Regional Anti-Corruption Adviser

Peter Ritchie is a Regional Anti-Corruption Adviser for the ABA Rule of Law Initiative. He has led and supported many capacity building projects focusing on international cooperation against corruption, money laundering, and transnational crime. In this role, he also co-designed and hosted major APEC programs on transnational crime and corruption, in partnership with the Philippines (2015), Peru (2016) and Vietnam (2017), and implemented anti-corruption projects throughout South-East Asia.  Previously he worked in the Australian Attorney-General's Department. His responsibilities included anti-corruption policy and program development, and representing Australia in G20, UN, and APEC anti-corruption fora. In Melanesia and the Pacific Islands, he was an anti-money laundering adviser supporting the implementation of FATF and UNCAC provisions . Earlier in his career, Peter was a Senior Analyst in the Office of Strategic Crime Assessments.