Duc Minh Nguyen

Program Director, Vietnam

Duc Minh Nguyen, Program Director, joined ABA ROLI in January 2019. He previously worked as a Senior Political Officer for the Australian Embassy in Vietnam to oversee and advise on human rights, domestic politics and legal issues. Mr. Duc is a Rule of Law specialist with international and regional experience. After returning from the ICC as the first Vietnamese intern at the Trial Chamber VI, he joined AAPTIP, a multi-million program to combat trafficking in persons in the ASEAN region as a Prosecutorial Officer. Duc worked effectively with criminal justice agencies and academic institutions in Vietnam and was the main contributor to the development of numerous training curricula and guidelines for specialist investigators, prosecutors and judges in relation to the interpretation of new elements of human trafficking, suspect interviewing skills and evidentiary procedures under the 2015 Penal Code and the 2015 Criminal Procedure Code. Mr. Duc holds a master’s degree in public international law from South Korea and is a prosecutor by training. He currently leads ABA ROLI’s programs in Vietnam.