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Bob Morin

Country Director, Liberia

Bob Morin joined ABA ROLI in 2021 as the Country Director for Liberia. Mr. Morin has extensive experience in the criminal justice sector including 22 years of service in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Starting out as a corrections officer, he was promoted through the ranks, retiring as an Assistant Warden. Upon retirement, Mr. Morin moved to New England where he took a job as the Residential Program Director in New Marlborough, Massachusetts, at a school for special needs children and young adults, most of which had come in conflict with the law. This school was an alternative to incarceration and within two years, Mr. Morin lowered the use of force by 70%. He was also the head of the Labor Management Team for Management during his eight-year tenure.

Mr. Morin then moved to Afghanistan to work as a Juvenile Justice Advisor, Senior Warden Advisor and Special Advisor on the INL-funded Corrections Support System Program (CSSP). As the Juvenile Justice Advisor, he helped the Juvenile Rehabilitation Division (JRD) create a pre-employment training program. Additionally, he served as Acting Camp Manager in Kunduz City. As a Senior Warden Advisor, he supervised all the US Advisors assigned throughout Afghanistan, except for Kandahar. He was later assigned to Kandahar and successfully led the descoping of the team, including the disposition of assets and the retuning of the staff to Kabul.

In 2015, Mr. Morin to Liberia to undertake the INL-funded Senior Warden Advisor position on the Criminal Justice Program System (CJPS). During this project, Mr. Morin successfully worked with two different governments Liberia, assisting the Bureau of Corrections in starting several new programs including the establishment of a Security Threat Group office, Internal Investigations, Community Service Program and a Rehabilitation Program. Additionally, he assisted in the hiring and training of new probation officers, which more than doubled the capacity of probation officers in Liberia.