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December 28, 2022

ABA Impact Report 2022


The American Bar Association is the largest voluntary organization of lawyers in the world. Our goals are to serve our members, improve the legal profession, eliminate bias and enhance diversity, and advance the rule of law.

But goals are meaningless without action, and action is empty without impact. This first-ever ABA Impact Report describes many of the tangible ways our Association helped our members use the power of law to advance the legal profession’s voice for justice in the United States and throughout the world. 

Our work protects civil rights and liberties, expands access to justice for underserved and disadvantaged communities, promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity in the legal field and justice system, advocates for human rights defenders, strengthens legal systems across the globe, and promotes the rule of law everywhere. Our work and its impact result from the exceptional partnership between our members and professional staff.

In this report, you will learn about many of the ABA’s major achievements in the past year and the incredible impact our Association has had around the world. While this report does not document all the work of the ABA’s more than 3,000 committees and other groups, we believe this collection offers an impressive array of the ABA’s wide-ranging and world-changing activities.

Our impact relies on our members and supporters. So thank you if you contributed to the ABA’s work, and know that we welcome your involvement in 2023 and beyond.

Our work together can make us all proud to be members of the ABA and the legal profession.

Deborah Enix-Ross
President, American Bar Association (2022-2023)

Deborah Enix-Ross, ABA President, 2022-2023

Deborah Enix-Ross, ABA President, 2022-2023

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ABA Impact Report Cover Image

ABA Impact Report Cover Image