Black Lawyers in America Toolkit

This toolkit includes video excerpts, facilitation guidelines, discussion questions, and other resources to uplift Black lawyers' experiences and facilitate conversations about racial equity within the legal workplace.

ABA-Wide 21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge ©

The goal of the Challenge is to assist each of us to become more aware, compassionate, constructive, engaged people in the quest for racial equity. It transcends our roles as lawyers. Non-lawyers are also welcome to participate.

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ABA Celebrates Black History Month

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Programs, resources, and information across the American Bar Association.

Diversity & Inclusion

Men of Color Logo

The ABA Men of Color Project

The Men of Color Project (MoCP) exists to build leaders in the law field, facilitate intergenerational support, and encourage community service and civic engagement amongst men of color in the legal profession.

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During COVID-19

Mental Health Resources for the Legal Profession During COVID-19

Black Lawyers in America Webinar Series

Black Lawyers in America Series—Webinar 1 Video

Sessions 1 - 4 Available

As our society increasingly becomes aware of the historic inequities that continue to impact people of color generally and Black Americans in particular, the legal profession is likewise coming to terms with this reality.

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ABA study: Disabled, LGBTQ+ lawyers face discrimination

Lawyers who either identify as having disabilities or who identify as LGBTQ+ report experiencing both subtle and overt forms of discrimination at their workplaces, with common reports of subtle but unintentional biases, according to a first-of-its-kind national study released July 14 by the American Bar Association, in collaboration with the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University.

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Introduction: Health and Human Rights

The American health care industry is killing us, and the casualties are mounting daily. Instead of saving lives, it is more often taking them, and not only by failing to seriously confront the coronavirus pandemic and racism in the industry, but also by the way health care is financed.

The School-to-Prison Pipeline


In 2014, the American Bar Association (ABA) Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice (COREJ) turned its attention to the continuing failures in the education system where certain groups of students.

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Left Out and Left Behind

The newest research from the Long-Term Careers for Women in Law Initiative, focusing specifically on the experiences women lawyers of color have in the profession.

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National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws

Report and Recommendations

The Complimentary National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws - Report and Recommendations is available.

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Compassion Fatigue Webinar

This seminar looks at which legal professionals are most at risk, the development of compassion fatigue, the interface between attorney impairment and discipline and what individual and organizational measures can prevent and mitigate compassion fatigue.

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Black Lives Matter (In Disasters, Too)

The Intersection of Race and Policy in Disasters [CC]

This webinar provides a historical context of how segregation and discrimination as well as policies such as redlining isolated communities of color and put them in areas more susceptible to natural disasters, and explores ways in which attendees can advocate for change in their communities through grassroots advocacy.

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The Commission on Homelessness and Poverty's resource clearinghouse

Combatting Poverty and Decriminalizing Homelessness Through a Race Equity Lens

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The ABA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Task Force

In response to the growing legal needs of Americans arising from the coronavirus pandemic, the American Bar Association has created a nationwide task force of volunteer lawyers and judges from across the legal profession.

Implicit Bias Videos and Toolkit

The Diversity and Inlusion 360 Commission, a one-year presidential initiative established by past President Paulette Brown, explored the existence of implicit bias and what can be done to combat it through a series of videos specifically targeting key players in the judicial system: judges, prosecutors and public defenders. The videos are accompanied by a toolkit that offers additional resources and materials that can be used in training programs for those groups of professionals.

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