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November 28, 2023

Discover the GAO Pop-Up Booth

The Governmental Affairs Office (GAO) is thrilled to introduce our new advocacy pop-up booth, which has already started debuting at American Bar Association events across the country!

The GAO Advocacy Pop-up Booth is a dynamic space staffed by seasoned government affairs professionals that is designed for ABA members to take action instantly. Whether you have questions about current legislation or want insights on advocacy strategies, our team is on hand to provide expert guidance.

The pop-up booth also features iPads that ABA members can use to instantly send personalized communications to their U.S. Senators and Representative. In just a few taps, you can introduce yourself, support or oppose an issue, and be heard on pivotal legal issues in real-time.

Having said that, this booth is about more than just sending messages: it's about building connections. The booth serves as a hub to engage with ongoing advocacy campaigns, discover new initiatives, and even identify potential Key Contacts who have personal relationships with lawmakers.

In fact, you may have seen the pop-up booth at recent ABA events like the 33rd Annual Review of the Field of National Security Law and the recent gathering of the Criminal Justice Section. We encourage you to look for the booth at the upcoming ABA Midyear Meeting.

We understand that time is valuable for ABA members. That's why the GAO pop-up booth is designed to maximize your impact with minimal time commitment. Stop by, make a difference, and become a part of a larger movement shaping the future of the legal profession. If you are interested in having the GAO booth at your event, please fill out this form.

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