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March 31, 2022

The Digital Doors are Open

New year, new look, same great conference.

We are excited to announce that the 25th anniversary of ABA Day will feature new ways for you to interact with colleagues as you advocate on issues important to the legal profession. Instead of sitting idly by while speakers talk at you through Zoom, this year we are using a new conference platform that allows you to actively participate during the event.

April 5-6 will be your best chance to advocate on ABA policy issues currently pending before Congress, but that can only happen if you join us. The new ABA Day platform gives you chances to not only advocate easily and effectively, but also features ways for you to network with colleagues, join Q&A sessions with speakers and experts, discuss events in lounges, test your knowledge with congressional quizzes, and much more, all without leaving the site.

Register Now to Preview the Platform

The first day will focus on our featured speakers as they walk through our main ABA Day advocacy issues. Throughout their presentations, you will have the ability to join the discussion, answer poll questions, and send letters directly to your elected officials that are guaranteed to make it through congressional firewalls.

The second day will include feature rooms designed to include you. Discussion Rooms to interact with speakers, issue lounges to talk to other participants, and advocacy tools  to send messages to your elected officials are all available. Then stay tuned to hear Angelina Jolie talk about using her platform to advocate on the Violence Against Women Act and help move the needle in Congress.

Join the Discussion Rooms where speakers will give a short update on the issues before opening the session to Q&A. Here they can recognize people from the audience and allow them to turn on their cameras, join them on stage, or ask questions in the chat function.

We will also have Issue Lounges on specific topics. These rooms are digital roundtables where 2-16 people can ‘sit’ around the table and discuss whatever comes to mind. We will feature a few different rooms including a general networking room as well as an Ask a Lobbyist room that will have members of the GAO team available to discuss the issues, answer questions, give advice for your advocacy, and more. You can also use a room with your state delegation to strategize how you will conduct your advocacy meetings with Congress.

With every action you take, you can earn points for a chance to win the commemorative ABA Day 25 celebration package. The package includes a champagne flute with the 25th anniversary logo, a lapel pin, celebration poppers, and more. Simply be one of the top 100 advocates and you will receive the prize.

Click here to see the platform, start advocating, and start earning points today.