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July 2020 Washington Letter


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Federal Government

Unpaid Court Fees and Fines

Matt Holland works the night shift at Denny’s, where he is picked up at 1:00am by his wife and two children – ages six and eight. Before Denny’s, Matt enjoyed working as a plumber where he earned more money and worked normal hours. However, being a plumber required him to drive to his jobs, which he can’t do anymore. Matt is one of nearly 11 million people across the country whose license has been suspended as a result of unpaid court fees and fines, often for reasons completely unrelated to driving offenses.

Federal Government

U.S Begins Pullout from World Health Organization

On July 6, 2020, the United States notified the United Nations (U.N.) Secretary General that it intends to formally withdraw as a member of the World Health Organization (WHO), thereby starting the one-year notice requirement before the withdrawal becomes effective in July 2021. President Trump intends to complete this process if he is reelected this fall “unless they get their act together”, but former Vice President Biden said he would reverse that decision on his first day in office if he is elected.


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