October 22, 2018

Letters & Testimony

These letters and written statements convey the Association's official policy on a wide variety of issues, from administrative law to uniform acts. They also provide detailed explanations of the ABA's position on pending legislation.

Select Issue Topics:

Presentation of Section Policy to Governmental Entities

The ABA's individual sections or divisions occasionally correspond with Congress on matters of importance to their entities. These entities have the authority to develop and communicate their own policies through the use of "blanket authority."

"Blanket authority" is the process through which an ABA section or division seeks authority from other ABA entities to present its own policy statement on matters within its expertise on an issue on which the ABA House of Delegates has not adopted policy. This procedure is generally employed when the subject matter of the position is either extremely technical or supplements an existing Association policy, or when a time-sensitive need exists and it is not possible to have either the ABA House of Delegates or ABA Board of Governors go through the regular process for adopting Association policy.

Please contact individual ABA sections for specific "blanket authority" submissions.

Amicus Curiae Briefs

The filing of an amicus curiae brief in the name of the Association must be authorized by the Board of Governors. The Standing Committee on Amicus Curiae Briefs makes a recommendation to the Board after determining if the proposed brief is consistent with policy, a matter of compelling public interest, and of special significance to lawyers.