March 01, 2020

Social Media Resources

With as little as 30 social media messages needed to move the needle on an issue for most legislators, we've got some posting to do! So, to help get you started, we put together some things below.

Suggested Hashtags:
#ABADay | #Loan4Giveness | #Access2Justice | #Justice4All

Suggested Posts:

  • Equal Justice Under Law isn't a privilege, its a right! Support #Access2Justice by funding Legal Services Corporation. #ABADay
  • DYK: The Legal Services Corporation gives 94% of its appropriations to its grantees? #Justice4All #ABADay
  • When @LSCtweets aid in housing cases, people stay in their homes 94% of the time vs just 32% without. #Access2Justice changes lives! #ABADay

Suggested Posts:

Step 1: Just right click on the image(s) of your choice or press and hold the image on a mobile device
Step 2: Save it to your device
Step 3: Insert image into your post

Images for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program:

Images for the Legal Services Corporation: