November 08, 2018

Sample Posts for Creditor Attorneys

Social media has become an incredibly powerful tool to gather support around an issue. Use these suggested posts to gain the most out of your posts

Want to post directly to your elected official? A recent Congressional Managment Foundation study entitled, #SocialCongress 2015, found that 80% of elected officials will seriously consider an issue for as little as 10-30 posts. If you would like to send a post directly to your member of Congress, use this tool.

Step 1:
Copy and Paste these messages into your social media accounts:

  • When valid debts can't be collected, Everyone pays more for credit #ProtectCreditorAttorneys #SupportHR5082
  • #Creditor lawyers are facing unfair lawsuits for as little as filing a legit suit in the wrong county.  #ProtectCreditorAttorneys #SupportHR5082
  • Are you a #Creditor Lawyer like me? Use this tool from the ABA to tell your elected officials directly that we are tired of unfair and costly lawsuits #ProtectCreditorAttorneys #SupportHR5082
  • DYK: Congress is debating a bipartisan bill that would end some of the unfair and costly lawsuits #CreditorAttorneys are facing? I just sent a letter directly to my US Rep supporting the bill and I hope you do too
  • DYK: #Creditor attorneys can be sued just for accidentally filing a legit suit in the wrong county? Use this tool to tell Congress this has to stop!
  • When the CFPB micromanages a collection court case it has nothing to do with, #Creditor attorneys are put at risk. Tell Congress to let the Trial Judge decide

Step 2: Copy and paste these images to help highlight your messages.