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September 20, 2021

Student Debt Week of Action Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Day 1, Monday 9/20: Welcome to the Student Debt Week of Action

11:30am: Bill Bay, ABA Day Planning Committee Chair, Opens the Program

Reggie Turner, ABA President, Welcomes our Members

Choi Portis, ABA YLD Chair, Diagnoses the Problem

Abre' Connor, ABA YLD Speaker, Speaks on the Student Debt Problem

Eric Storey, ABA Director of Grassroots and Digital Advocacy, Shows Us How to Advocate Online

12:00pm: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Addresses the Issue and Welcomes Us to the Week of Action

12:15pm: Allison Rosenstock, ABA Grassroots  Specialist, Maps out the Plan for the Week of Action

Day 2, Tuesday 9/21: Impact on the Economy

Day 2 Call to Action

12:00pm: Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin and Senator John Cornyn Discuss the Issue

12:30pm: National Association of Realtors Presentation on the Economic Impact of Student Debt

1:00pm: ABA YLD Student Loan Debt Report Presentation

View the report here.

2:00pm: Brookings Institute Presentation on Student Debt

Day 3, Wednesday 9/22: Mental Health

Day 3 Call to Action

12:00pm: Senator Elizabeth Warren Gives her Remarks

12:30pm: American Psychological Association Presentation

1:00pm: Holly Cook, ABA Associate Director, Explains the Role of ABA's Governmental Affairs Office

Day 4, Thursday 9/23: Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

11:30am: Why PSLF?

11:40 am: Call to Action

Send a letter to your member of Congress.

12:00 pm: Keynote Message: Congressman David Joyce

12:15 pm: American Psychological Association Video Explaining the PSLF Program

12:30 pm: Christopher Brown, Immediate Past Chair of YLD, Shares his Experience with PSLF

1:00 pm: A Personal Take on PSLF

Day 5, Friday 9/24: Next Steps

11:30am: Holly Cook, ABA Associate Director, and Allison Rosenstock, ABA Grassroots Specialist, Wrap Up the Week and Discuss Next Steps

11:45am: Reggie Turner, ABA President, Closes the Program

Bill Bay, ABA Day Planning Committee Chair, Tells Us What to Expect for Next Year

12:15: How ABA Insurance and SoFi Can Help with your Financial Situation

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