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Artificial Intelligence Toolkit

The ABA is here to help increase awareness of the role of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal profession!


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence holds significant promise and raises important considerations for policymakers. At its core, AI encompasses technologies that create new content, such as images, text, and music, by learning patterns from existing data. This year, the ABA is aiming to increase awareness of this emerging legislative issue.

AI One-Pager

Learn more about how the ABA hopes to increase awareness of AI and the law!

Upcoming Events

Click here to learn more about upcoming events on Artificial Intelligence and the Law, such as "Generative AI: Crash Course for Congress!"

ABA AI Task Force Website

Read more about the American Bar Association's Task Force on Law and Artificial Intelligence to learn more about their work and advocacy efforts!

View - Now

ABA Cybersecurity Task Force Website

Learn more about the American Bar Association's Cybersecurity Task Force and how they have helped advocate for increased awareness of generative AI!

View - Here

Contact Us

To contact the ABA staff member in charge of AI, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy, Michael O'Neill, click here.