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Did you know there are more elected officials with law degrees than any other degree in Congress? 52% in the Senate and 36% in the House. Lawyers know how to communicate to other lawyers in the courtroom, but most don’t know how to get their point across on Capitol Hill. So, we created the ABA Grassroots Action Center to provide you the tools to quickly and effectively contact your elected officials directly about issues impacting your practice, your clients, and the rule of law.

ABA Day 2021: Advocacy for Justice

While our virtual ABA Day April program has concluded, it is not too late to join thousands of legal professionals across the country in urging Congress to increase legal aid funding needed to help low-income people resolve problems resulting from the pandemic and to pass legislation to strengthen judicial security.

Take Action!

Elected officials depend on hearing from voters in their state and issue experts to form their opinions. Use these tools to send messages directly to your elected officials. Edit pre-formatted emails or social media posts to get your message directly to the legislators making the decisions. Just remember to be clear and concise, and mention that you are constituent.

The 117th Congress

Find resources on registering to vote, updating your existing registration, locating your polling place, and more on the ABA Election Center. As a service to our members, we are also able to provide substantive, nonpartisan information prepared by the National Journal on the upcoming elections.

Grassroots University

Lawyers are in a unique position to affect policy in Congress. As legal experts, you have established credibility, and as voters, you represent the voice of the people. Use these tools to learn the issues facing our profession, how to best approach elected officials on their turf, and how to genuinely make an impact in Washington.

Grassroots Overview

The best approach to influencing policy is to work with other ABA members and interested communities to clearly communicate why a policy needs to change. Get up to speed on what is happening in Congress, organize with other attorneys, and learn the best ways to approach your elected officials.

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Social Media Center

Social Media has made it easier than ever to connect with your elected officials. The key is posting in the right way. Learn the tricks of the trade and make your voice heard.

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Congressional Meetings

Nothing has more impact with an elected official than an in-person visit. This leads to conversations rather than one-sided messages. Use these tools to set up a visit, learn the ways to move the needle, and get the most out of your meeting.

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Join the Team

Joining the Grassroots Action Team provides the opportunity to participate at whatever level you see fit while playing a role in the development of public policy and furthers the interests of justice, promotes the legal profession, and establishes the rule of law. To join, please fill out the form below and feel free to familiarize yourself with the assets and ongoing campaigns. We will send you more information shortly.