Governmental and Legislative Work

The Governmental Affairs Office (GAO) serves as the focal point for the ABA's advocacy efforts before Congress, the Executive Branch, and other governmental entities on diverse issues.

ABA Testimony on LSC FY 2020 Funding-Senate

What's New in Washington

Read the most up-to-date ABA actions, including letters and testimony to Congress and the Administration.

ABA Priorities

The ABA Board of Governors applies the following nine criteria to determine whether an issue should be made a Priority: breadth and strength of ABA interest; importance to the practice of law; public perception of the profession; opportunity for impact; potential for achievement; timeliness of issue; expertise of lawyers on the issue; importance to society; and importance to the administration of justice.

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Letters and Testimony

The ABA corresponds with Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and other governmental bodies and testifies before Congress on matters of importance to the administration of justice and the legal profession. These letters and written statements convey the ABA's official policy on a wide variety of issues. They also provide detailed explanations of the ABA's position on pending legislation.

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ABA Policy

The ABA House of Delegates (House) establishes Association policy. This policy-making body is comprised of approximately 550 delegates who represent various groups within the ABA and legal profession as a whole. The GAO’s Legislative Issues List summarizes all current legislative and governmental policies of the ABA.

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Grassroots Advocacy

Use the ABA Grassroots Advocacy Center to join the ABA Grassroots Action Team and make a difference! Joining the ABA Grassroots Action Team is your opportunity to play a role in the development and enactment of public policy that furthers the interests of justice, promotes the legal profession, and establishes the rule of law.

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