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Fils-Lien Ely Thelot

Senior Counter-Trafficking in Persons Technical Advisor, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Region: Africa
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Fils-Lien Ely THELOT has a doctorate in sociology and holds a master’s degree in international development. Over the past fifteen years, he has worked as a researcher at the Centre of Humanitarian Studies (CERAH) at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), a Research Fellow at Harvard University (Boston, USA), and head of the Department of Postgraduate Studies at the State University of Haiti (Port-au-Prince). He is the author of several scientific publications, including: “The hegemony of the provisional in Haiti: the origins of our turbulence” (2017).

Very sensitive to questions of human rights in general and social protection in particular, Ely Thelot organized an international conference at the Palais des Nations (UN, Geneva) in 2006 around the theme “Memories and Human Rights”, then put his expertise to the services of the Haitian State at the level of several sectoral ministries including that of Social Affairs, Interior and Planning, without forgetting the Office of Citizen Protection (OPC). In 2014, he was appointed by Presidential Decree to head the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking in Haiti.

After working with the International Organization for Migration (IOM, UN) where he was led, among other things, to develop “Referencing mechanisms for victims of human trafficking in the Democratic Republic of Congo”, he joined American Bar Association (ABA) as Senior Technical Advisor in the fight against human trafficking.