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Alain Kisombwe

Country Director, Burkina Faso

Region: Africa
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Alain Kisombwe – ABA ROLI Country Director in Burkina Faso, and COP of the Burkina Faso Human and Access to Justice Program, is an Attorney and expert in access to justice and advocacy on public policy reform programs. He has been working with ABA ROLI since 2009. Mr. Kisombwe recently led a ROLI-implemented program in Mali, aimed to strengthen the capacity of Malian civil society organizations to provide services to victims of hereditary slavery, provide legal aid to victims, increase the participation of local leaders and communities in the fight against slavery, increase the capacity of justice sector actors to investigate and prosecute cases of slavery, and strengthen advocacy by Malian CSOs in favor of the adoption of an anti-slavery law in Mali. Before joining the Mali program, Mr. Kisombwe worked with ABA ROLI in the DRC on the gender and justice project and the projects related to enhancing legal and material conditions of detention in the prisons of Goma, Bukavu and Kindu, and advancing human rights and promoting electoral justice. Prior, Mr. Kisombwe was a Legal Expert with the Independent Electoral Commission of the DRC. He has a degree in public law from the University of Lubumbashi in the DRC.