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Murielle Bassofela Bonyele

National Administration and Human Resources Director, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Region: Africa
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Mrs. Murielle Bassofela Bonyele joined ABA ROLI in August 2009 and is currently the National Administration and Human Resources Director for the Democratic Republic of the Congo portfolio. She was primarily assigned as the Office Manager in Goma (DR Congo), but, following the ABA DRC reconfiguration in 2011, the Office Manager position was transformed with accrued responsibilities into the current Director role. To date, she manages all aspects of the Administration and Human Resources functions, working with the Chief of Party, Country Director, Project Directors, and project staff.  During her 15 years of work experience with ABA, Murielle continuously plays a key role in disseminating, monitoring, and implementing ABA ROLI Policies applicable to ABA Business management and Business administration with key governmental stakeholders, beneficiaries, and implementing partners in the DR Congo. Murielle’s previous experience (2007-2009) includes working as Field Office Manager and Refugee/IDPs Protection Officer for SLAO (Saving Lives through Alternate Options), a U.S.-based INGO, which was then a Protection partner of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Goma. With more than 16 years of work experience at the Heart of American INGO, managing international Grants and resources, Murielle is one of the best and renowned experts in the field of Administration and Business Management of International NGOs in the DR Congo. She stands today as a resource person and memory keeper of the ABA programs in the DRC. From her education background, Murielle is a female Jurist with a Master’s degree in International and Public Law. With the conflict situation in the DRC, Murielle has made the strong choice to devote her work and effort to combatting grave violations of human rights, inequalities, poverty, and injustice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.