Open Requests for Proposal from the American Bar Association

Description: This request for proposal (RFP) provides to those interested in submitting proposals sufficient information to enable them to prepare and submit proposals for the Tax & Treasury Department's consideration on behalf of the American Bar Association.  

Post Date: 8/5/2019
Remove Date: 9/6/2019
RFP Contact: Scott St. Pierre at

FilesSales Tax Services RFP -  Final Secured 07.30.19

Online Publications Migration Project RFP
This  RFP is for a content migration and platform enhancement project.  The ABA would like to migrate content from 3 content-rich publication websites "on-platform" in an effort to increase the amount of premium/member-only content.  In addtion to content migration, the ABA would like to make enhancements the CMS templates and publishing workflow to increase efficiency.  

Post Date: 8/1/2019
Remove Date: 9/23/2019
RFP Contact: Elizabeth Johnson at

OPM Project RFP
OPM  RFP Addendum (Updated on 8/9/19)

Description: This RFP defines the live webinar and on-demand course service provided by an organization that hosts online webinars and on-demand course for training/meeting purposes, allowing presenters to include their media and control a variety of presentation tools to a variable-sized audience. The webinar and on-demand course service that the ABACLE  uses for CLE programming requires: (i) specific elements configured to work with ABA systems, including SSO integration, retrieval of customer and product information; and integration with ABA’s MCLE system to verify attendance and provide verified attendees access to their CLE request form; (ii) consistent and friendly user experiences; and (iii) production operations to be performed with no increase in ABA staff resources.  

Post Date: 7/16/2019
Remove Date: 8/14/2019
RFP Contact: Joe Besharse at


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RFP for Live Webinar On-Demand ABACLE
Master Services Agreement Live Webinar CLE Services 6-20-19