Open Requests for Proposal from the American Bar Association

Description The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Maldives (ABA ROLI) is a non-profit program, under the ABA’s Fund for Justice and Education, that implements legal reform programs in roughly 43 countries around the world.  ABA ROLI has nearly 350 professional staff working abroad and, in its Washington, D.C. office.  With a mission of promoting justice, economic opportunity, and human dignity through the rule of law, ABA ROLI has unique needs.

This request for proposal (RFP) is to work with the Bar Council Maldives on the creation and administration of their first bar examination. The goal is to provide to those companies interested in submitting proposals (“Bidders”) sufficient information to answer the RFP questions. 

Post Date: February 26, 2021
Removal Date: March 19 at 11:59pm EDT.
RFP Contact: Diana Thomson


Description The ABA Center for Human Rights which is the ABA’s focal point for human rights concerns, conducts trial observations around the world to help ensure the right to a fair and public trial through the impartial administration of justice and the proper functioning of the court. Trial observation is a well-established principle within the international community, one that is recognized in several international human rights instruments, such as Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. ABA CHR has unique need for specialized legal professionals with working knowledge of international human rights law and experience in case analysis, report drafting, liaising, and communication.

Post Date: February 26, 2021
Removal Date: March 15, 2021
RFP Contact: Morgan Wyrick


The timeline for this RFP was updated on February 18, 2021. The updated RFP template reflects the following timeline changes: The ABA will respond to clarifying questions by February 25, Proposals are due by March 1, and Finalists will be notified by March 9.

Description The Justice Defenders Program of the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights (CHR), under the ABA’s Fund for Justice and Education, that provides assistance to human rights defenders that face retaliation for their work. ABA CHR is seeking a paid, remote consultant/organization to conduct an internal security audit of the Program’s digital security protocol.

Post Date: February 4, 2021
Removal Date: March 1, 2021
RFP Contact: Emma Watson