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Open Requests for Proposal from the American Bar Association



RFP Description: The ABA seeks to partner with an online service provider to design, develop and deploy an ABA-branded digital platform that offers a cloud-based document storage and retrieval system enabling subscribing consumers to centrally organize all vital legal and other important personal documents (e.g., health powers of attorney, Social Security information, account information, etc.) so that they are readily accessible at any time by subscribers. The platform should also enable consumers to designate others to have access to specified documents or files for ready access. This digital platform is designed to replicate a hard case product already developed and planned for distribution.  Further, the ABA seeks Concept proposals that address and/or build upon this concept. The Concept is not fixed and could be adapted to innovative proposals aligned with the basic concept of ready access and assisting consumers to think about, plan and be better prepared for important life events.

Post Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Remove Date: Friday, July 21, 2017
RFP Contact:  Kristine Gregorio (
Files: Online File Storage Services RFP.pdf

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